8-week Challenge: 8 reasons to go for a walk right now

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Our first week on 14th June kicks off on a lighter shade of green, inviting you all to go for a walk. Let me inspire you by sharing with you the 8 benefits of walking as a form of meditation.


  1. Lower stress
    Us, city people are living in constant stress all the time, when you walk as a meditative practice. You can let your mind drift off a bit and take some deep breaths in to re-balance your thoughts.
  2. You get some exercise
    Walking is free, and costs you absolutely nothing. No matter where you are, you can just go for a walk and have some time to yourself to gather your thoughts.
  3. Improve your sleep
    The more active you are the more you will sleep better at night. A nice walk can help you reduce the stress and anxiety that modern life has put upon us on us.
  4. Increase focus
    Brisk walking has proven to help improve brain health and help keep your memory strong.
  5. Connect with nature
    The effect is real, it has been proven that spending time outside is good for you. If you can choose to take a walk where you can see some greenery, nature helps to heal.
  6. Boost your well-being and connect with nature Choose to walk somewhere where there are a lot of green, water or trees. You can try forest bathing – ( refer
    to our article here).
  7. Mindfulness and help you stay grounded
    Try focusing on your own breathing, pay attention on the movement of your body and You will learn to become
    more awareness and listen to your own thoughts and emotions.
  8. Lower carbon footprint
    When you are walking to your next destination, think of your personal carbon footprint. We can all make a difference. Do what we can and if possible, budget some surplus time and walk to your next destination.