8-week Challenge: HULA & Emily give us their top 8 ideas to revive your wardrobe

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How many of you have opened your closet and thought, “I have way too much stuff and no room at all” and still sighed in frustration, “I have nothing to wear”?

This week we are partnering with HULA, one of our fave pre-owned shops in Hong Kong, to win a HK$500 voucher to spend in their shop!

Here’s Week 3’s challenge: dig out an old dress from your closet that you haven’t worn in a while and style it up with our pro tips from Emily and HULA. Head over to IG to post your video and tag us or enter here.

It’s one paradoxical, yet familiar situation that many have faced. In Hong Kong, nearly one-fifth of new clothing purchases are never or hardly worn and these add up to about 110,000 tonnes of textile waste each year. More alarmingly, four in ten Hong Kongers have thrown away clothing after wearing it just once.

For the third week of 8Shades’ 8 Weeks 8 Challenge, we have partnered up with HULA to shine the light on circularity in fashion. HULA has been “making fashion circular” since 2017, collecting and selling pre-loved luxury womenswear in new and hardly worn condition (and also lots of discontinued vintage goodies). Stocking over 6000 pieces in their Wong Chuk Hang warehouse and 500 pieces at their Central shop, HULA has an idea or (or eight to be exact) when it comes to resourceful styling.

Check out our video featuring Emily styling outfits in different ways, giving you some inspiration for your 8-week challenge entry!

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Read on to discover HULA’s top 8 tips on how to rethink your existing wardrobe – now dig deep into your closet and help eliminate textile waste fashionably! 



[Hermes Vintage Cardigan, Hermes (2), John Galliano, Hermes]

A cardigan is a great option to keep you warm in the heavily AC-ed venues in Hong Kong, but it is an even better off-shoulder top. Pick your favourite cardigan, button it up and pull one or both of the shoulders down. Voila, there’s your next off-shoulder top! 



Did you know you can also turn the same cardigan into an open-back knitted top if you wear it backwards? Pick a printed cardigan for this purpose for some fun prints and details on the back. 



This tip is great for the avid t-shirt, plain blazer and top wearers. Statement jewellery can do wonders for your daily look. Layer a long necklace with some chunky chokers and your accessories have now officially become the focal points of the outfit. Bonus tip: mismatch a statement earring with another stud earring to create a high-end bespoke look. Be sure to match the colour tones, you don’t want to pair silver with gold!

More statement accessories:

[Y Project Earring, Swarovski Long Necklace, Salvatore Ferragamo Necklace]



From Audrey Hepburn to Kate Moss, women have embraced skinny silk twill for decades and why stop now? Wrap it around your neck for a touch of elegance. Your silk twill shouldn’t just go on your handbag strap! For a more playful look, wrap it around your head to create your very own bunny ears and one-of-a-kind headband. 



Your chunky necklace is here to save the day, again. This works best if you had a big-chained statement necklace. Simply loop your necklace around your pants, and let the pendant droop to create an intentional effect. This instantly turns your necklace into a versatile belt chain! 



A good quality shirt dress can easily give you endless opportunities to transform it – good fabric lays a good foundation for flowy draping. Using a silking shirt dress, button it up until around two inches down your waist and put your go-to belt on top. Leaving the rest of the buttons unbuttoned creates a more relaxed and casual look by letting the fabric flow as you move. 



Turn the same shirt dress into a top by tying the two front pieces together – a good shirt dress won’t bunch up as much and you won’t have to worry about the back not look as good as the fabric should drape flawlessly, creating an easy effortless look. 



Don’t be afraid to wear maxi dresses during the day – you can easily dress it down by wearing some sneakers and throwing on an oversized denim jacket. Have somewhere to be at night and no time to change? Pop on your fave blazer and matching heels on to complete your night look! 

More sneaker selections:

[Fendi Monogrammed Sneakers, Louis Vuitton Archlight Sneakers, Aquazzura Sneakers]

More maxi dress selections:

[Derek Lam Floral Dress, Valentino Dress, Alexis Button Up Dress]

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Items featured in the video:  

Toga, Bottega Veneta Earrings, Tanya Taylor Floral Dress, Celine Sneakers, Saint Laurent Denim Jacket, Cinq a Sept Satin Blazer, Aquazzura Heels, Hermes Shirt Dress, Victoria Beckham Tailored Pants in Purple, Sensi Studio Straw Hat, Hermes H Buckle & Reversible Orange Leather Belt, J.W.Anderson Earrings, Maje White Puffy Shirt, Celine Denim Jeans, Gucci “Guccy” Navy Twill, Chanel Chain Necklace/Belt, Hermes Vintage Cardigan, Chloe Long Statement Necklace, Brinker & Eliza Chunky Choker,