8-week Challenge: 8 Plant-based Milk Alternatives

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Welcome to our second “challenge” on how you can take small and intentional steps towards a greener future. Enter above to be in with a chance of winning a huge gift box of the best healthy snacks from our friends at Coco Paradise, along with a fab Keep Cup to make sure we’re helping you stay healthy and sustainable at the same time.

This week (21st June) we are encouraging you to take one greener step towards being more eco-friendly by bringing your own reusable cup next time you leave the house. 

We’ve all become so accustomed to buying our morning joe (or whatever your tipple might be) from our favourite local coffee shop, that we forget the impact this simple habit has on the environment. Taking your own cup can mitigate a heavy burden not only on our environment but on your conscience too. 

The staple side-kick to our drinks and breakfast; milk, is also often forgotten. The impact of the dairy industry on the environment is staggering but thankfully we are now blessed with so many milk alternatives for our drinks, smoothies and cereals that it’s hard to choose!

Now, not every alternative is 100% eco-friendly. Some do pose a burden on the environment in their own rite, often as a result of over-reliance and therefore over-farming, this is why it’s good to switch it up often and stay open-minded. 

HERE ARE OUR 8 FAVOURITE MILK ALTERNATIVES – some are readily available in coffee shops and others in supermarkets.

  1. Oat Milk – By now I’m sure we’ve all heard of or tried oat milk. Oatly is the first brand to dream this innovation into existence and it’s still our favourite dairy alternative being readily available in most supermarkets. 
  1. Almond Milk – Another widely available alternative. Although almond milk has high water and pesticide requirements, it’s a good ‘sometimes’ alternative to traditional dairy or your other vegan milk. We don’t like pesticides so prefer to buy organic from Rude Health which is available in Fusion. 
  1. Soya Milk – Soya is abundant but can also be burdensome on the environment unless you choose organic. We like The Bridge Bio because they use organic soya beans from Italy. 
  1. Cashew Milk – This can be some of the ‘creamiest’ milk out of all the dairy alternatives. Especially delicious mixed with breakfast recipes like cereals. Another Rude Health favourite. Widely found in Fusion and Marketplace. 
  1. Quinoa Milk – A nice un-mass produced milk that actually tastes surprisingly good! Another good one from The Bridge Bio. Available in most Marketplace’s. 
  1. Rice Milk – A simple and readily available alternative with many available brands. The only challenge is finding one with clean ingredients and few additives. Another Rude Health favourite. 
  1. Coconut Milk – We love to make coconut milk fresh and it takes little time. With coconuts readily available in Hong Kong all year round its easy to pick-up a nut, crack it open, drain the water and scoop out the meat straight into your blender and blend on high for a few minutes! Simple. 
  1. Hemp Milk – Another easy one to make at home but sometimes convenience is key. This is lesser seen and therefore fewer options available. We prefer to make our own but otherwise we will go with Pacific Foods, available in most supermarkets. 

Watch out for unnecessary additives, flavours and preservatives. 

Sometimes you just can’t avoid oils but always check for an oil free alternative.

Now, don’t forget your cup, let’s play!