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8 Things To Know About Lab-grown Diamonds

The most romantic day of the year is coming up, and while a box of sustainably sourced chocolates, flowers, or a fancy vegan dinner is usually at the top of our lists for Valentine gift ideas, nothing can beat the sparkle of gems.

When it comes to jewellery though, it pays to be selective. If you’re an eco-warrior who’s determined to minimise your carbon footprint, then opt for lab-grown gems – which are created in labs instead of mined.

Although lab-grown diamonds are grown by scientists in a controlled environment, these have exactly the same properties and chemical composition as natural diamonds. The differences between lab-grown and natural diamonds are so minute that even experienced gemologists won’t be able to tell the difference with the naked eye.

In fact, in many ways, lab-grown diamonds (and gemstones) are better than their natural counterparts:

1. More environmentally-friendly

Mining for natural diamonds damages the earth substantially, resulting in erosion, loss of biodiversity and contamination of soil and groundwater by the chemicals used in the process. It also uses up large quantities of fossil fuel. Creating lab-grown diamonds doesn’t require the same amount of effort and has a comparatively smaller carbon footprint.

2. Ethically sourced

Lab-grown diamonds are generally ethically sourced, which means they don’t come from mines where workers don’t receive fair wages and work under unsafe conditions.

3. Trackable

Lab-grown diamonds have a trackable source, so buyers are guaranteed of their origins. This makes them conflict-free – they aren’t used to fund violence in war-torn areas, like the case of blood diamonds in Africa.

4. Purer

Lab grown diamonds are purer than the stones mined naturally because they don’t have any dirt or impurities, or inclusions, in them. They also show fewer defects and signs of strain. This is why these tend to be brighter and clearer than their natural counterparts.

5. More affordable

Lab-grown diamonds are sold at the fraction of the price of natural diamonds – this means you can easily afford larger stones – and bigger is always better when it comes to pieces like engagement rings, right ladies?

6. More colourful

Coloured diamonds that are lab-made have richer hues than natural ones. These are now also much easier to acquire, since yellow, blue, and pink natural diamonds are extremely rare, not to mention very expensive.

7. Big brands

Even industry giants like De Beers have opened up lab-grown diamond facilities and are including these in their fine jewellery offerings. De Beers, for example, has introduced Lightbox Jewellery, and Pandora has started to use lab-grown diamonds in their higher end ranges.

8. Plenty of options

This Valentine’s Day, why not give yourself or your significant other a piece of lab-grown diamond jewellery they can treasure forever? Here are some stellar examples:


Pandora Brilliance
Source: Pandora Brilliance

Pandora Brilliance 1.00-carat diamond ring in 14k white gold.

Available at Pandora Brilliance

Charles & Colvard

Charles & Colvard
Source: Charles & Colvard

Charles & Colvard 1/3 CTW Round Caydia Lab Grown Diamond Triple Crossover Ring in 14k White Gold.

Available at Charles & Colvard

Charles & Colvard

Charles & Colvard
Source: Charles & Colvard

Charles & Colvard 1/3 CTW Round Caydia Lab Grown Diamond Crossover Bangle Bracelet 14K White Gold.

Available at Charles & Colvard

Blue Nile
Source: Blue Nile

Lightbox Jewelry Blue Diamond Round Halo Pendant Necklace 1 carat.

Available at Blue Nile

Source: Lightbox Jewelry

Lightbox Jewelry 2-carat Round Brilliant Solitaire Diamond Stud Earrings in 14k gold.

Available at Lightbox Jewelry

Lightbox Jewelry
Source: Lightbox Jewelry

Lightbox Jewelry Blue & White Diamond Round Cluster Earrings in 14k white gold.

Available at Lightbox Jewelry

James Allen

James Allen
Source: James Allen

James Allen Lab-Created 2.09 Carat G-VS1 Oval Cut Diamond 1.5mm Comfort Fit Engagement Ring.

Available at James Allen

As an 8Shader, it’s always good to know what options you have for a greener way of life. If you’re on the lookout for diamond jewellery, why not check out some lab-grown options? After all, if the world’s largest diamond miner (De Beers) has pulled a 180 to produce lab-grown diamonds, it looks like they’re here to stay.

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