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8 Sustainability Podcasts for Eco-conscious Living

From food waste and farming to fast fashion and climate change, there is so much to know and stay up-to-date with when it comes to sustainability and the environment. Luckily, the realm of podcasts has a wide genre of shows covering a multitude of topics, each with their own style and format to keep you informed and inspired. Expand your mind with our picks for eight green-themed sustainability podcasts:

Mother of Invention

If “the future is female”, this podcast is right on the nose. Featuring Mary Robinson, the first female President of Ireland, Maeve Higgins, an Irish comedian based in New York, the two set out to make every episode an education on climate justice for all through powerful storytelling and compelling interviews with activists, politicians, creatives, researchers and more. Leading with the charge: “Climate change is a man-made problem — with a feminist solution”, Mother of Invention will intrigue and resonate with many.

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For those of us who find ourselves feeling overwhelmed or even disillusioned at the state of the environment, Sustainableish will be a breath of fresh air. Here it’s all about baby steps as host Jen Gale enlightens and motivates with implementable and manageable ways, or eco-actions, to make your lifestyle more sustainable, impactful and hopeful! It’s packed with practical advice and eco-ideas for families and individuals so that everyone can begin and continue their sustainability journey without fear or guilt. 

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How to Save a Planet

The world is burning, what do we do?? Well, we can take a deep breath and tune into How to Save a Planet, a podcast intent on looking at the solutions to climate change. Together hosts journalist Alex Blumberg and scientist Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson search near and far for answers to big questions like “Is recycling BS?”, “Are electric cars really better for the climate?”, “Should we all stop eating meat?”, equipping us with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions that will point us in the direction of saving the planet.

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Costing the Earth

Since 2007, the BBC’s Costing the Earth podcast has presented “fresh ideas from the sharpest minds working toward a cleaner, greener planet”. The show is a powerful look at the impact humans have on the environment and how the environment reacts, placing a magnifying glass on those in charge as well as commonly accepted truths in an aim to advance understanding and progress and ultimately, improve the world. Based in the UK, host Tom Heap navigates each episode with a panel of experts, activists and changemakers who zero in on a specific subject, examining how our actions are costing the earth.

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The Wardrobe Crisis

Vintage, thrifted, pre-loved, upcycled – will any of these save us from fast fashion? Learn how the fashion industry is tackling the issue of climate change, sustainability and ethical fashion with host Clare Press, Vogue’s first sustainability editor on The Wardrobe Crisis, who speaks with guests around the world from all facets of the world of fashion. First-hand perspectives from folks like designer Anya Hindmarch, who shares why her brand opted out of Black Friday sales, or writer and consultant Aja Barber, who teaches us how to be fashion activists, provide a frank yet much needed look at a sector that impacts all of us. 

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Sustainable Asia

Get a pan-Asia look at sustainability and the environment with the Sustainable Asia podcast, a show dedicated to “stories about Asia and the environment… that you probably haven’t heard yet.” Considering how interconnected Asian nations are connected in politics, proximity, business and even weather, it’s an important show that gathers voices from across the region to investigate topics impacting our everyday lives and our future. Led by hosts Marcy Trent Long and Bonnie Au, Sustainable Asia is an eye-opening and critical listen.

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Support the youth supporting the environment! Sustain-a-pod is a unique Hong Kong-based podcast hosted by students from the Green Impact Hub, a student-led online platform that aims to raise awareness about sustainability and environmental issues impacting various sectors across Asia. Delving into everything fron environmental journalism to circular fashion, each episode puts its youth hosts in direct dialogue with leading sustainability professionals, thinkers and activists to discuss pertinent topics and keep listeners informed.

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When it comes to the environment, and the grave danger we all seem to be in, a little humour can go a long way. Sustainabable, a self-proclaimed “comedy podcast about the environment”, sets out to unpack environmental issues through interviews, news analysis and a bit of humour. A weekly show based out of the UK, hosts Oliver Hayes and David Powell discuss in depth with experts and interesting people to untangle the otherwise overwhelming climate and environment news we are surrounded with. Considering all the misinformation that exists on the interwebs and airwaves, and the gravity of it all, this podcast is a great way to stay informed about the most relevant green topics.

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