8 Steps – call of action

A journey of a thousand miles must begin with the first step.

Lao Tzu

Sustainability is about taking small steps in the right direction because little keys unlock big doors.  Here are 8 Shades suggested 8 beginners steps for starting to build a sustainable lifestyle. 

  1. Limit single use plastic.
    • Say no to single-use plastic straws, utensils, bottles, and bags.
    • Check out  NGO EcoDrive HK www.ecodrivehk.com
  1. Consider eco-friendly alternatives that you can use in your household.
    • In the kitchen: replace plastic cling wrap with silicone stretch lids, or bee wax wrap; replace Ziploc bags with reusable silicone seal bags; replace store items in glass containers.
    • In the bathroom: use cotton buds with paper stems; replace disposable plastic razors with metal, stainless steel safety razors; replace plastic dental floss with silk dental floss that comes in a glass container, replace your plastic toothbrush with a wooden one.  
  2. Try meatless Monday!
    Excessive meat consumption, especially if it involves factory farming, can have grave effects on the environment. Going “meatless” one day a week can make positive impacts; it can also lead to healthier habits by motivating you to eat more fruits, vegetables, grains and legumes.
  3. Open up your blinds and use natural light as much as possible before switching on your light bulbs. Additionally, turn off your devices at night.
  4. Forego fast fashion and invest in higher-quality, staple pieces.
    Learn more about the impact of fast fashion [hyperlink to fast fashion article] Also, consider donate your old clothes, and thrift shop!
  5. Buy locally and support eco-friendly initiatives!
    Some of 8Shades’ favourite local stores include:
    • Check out Live Zero,a zero-waste bulk food store that sells package-free ingredients and pantry items. Bring your own containers and jars to the store and fill up on nuts, flours, granola, oats herbs and more. The store also sell eco-friendly household products. Learn more at: https://livezero.hk/ 
    • Check out Soap Cycling: a non-profit that works with the hospitality industry to recycle soap and bottled amenities to service communities in need. Learn more at: https://www.soapcycling.org/  
  6. Promote sustainability initiatives and sustainability practices with your friends and family!
    Consider watching documentaries with your friends and family to spread the sustainability message. Check out https://youmatter.world/en/10-best-documentaries-climate-change/ for the top rated documentaries about raising awareness on climate change. Alternatively, plan to do a beach clean-up with your friends.
  7. Start small start your sustainability journey now and pick your own shade of green.