7 Steps to curating a conscious wardrobe


Use the 30 wears test to guide your shopping decisions; ask yourself “will I wear it a minimum of thirty times?” 

You’ll be surprised with how many times you might say no. Check out the #30Wears campaign to see why and how. 


Invest in high-quality, timeless, well-made pieces, or just borrow!

If you are on the hunt for something special to wear to an event, check out shops like Wardrobista, or Pret-a-Dress where you can rent clothes for any occasion. Or check out clothes brand ADAY which is established with the “less is more” approach in mind. 


Look for sustainable fabrics. 

Our favorites include organic hemp, Piñatex, and recycled cotton. There are also other vegan leather products entering the market on a regular basis to keep an eye on. 


Research before you buy. 

How do we know if a brand is truly sustainable? A good starting point is checking out what legitimate sustainability websites are writing about them – some brands on their own websites might come across as being greener than they actually are (AKA greenwashing). Always read 3rd party write-ups that don’t just reflect a brands website. 


Do a closet audit and donate instead of dumping. 

Think about the pieces that you love and why you love them. You may find that most of your favorite pieces are your basics. Being intentional about investing in trans-seasonal basics (garments that I can wear all year around) is a really good starting point to resist impulsive fashion faux-pas. 


Look after your clothes so they last longer. 

Go to a local tailor and talk to them about how you can upcycle, repair or better yet, take up a new hobby and do it yourself! It’s really fun and a great way to start exercising your creativity. 


Be mindful of how much you wash and dry. 

If there’s a small stain, use stain remover to rinse it out instead of washing the whole thing. Stay away from machine dryers, they cause clothes to deteriorate quicker and use more resources to run.