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2022 Chocolate Scorecard: The Good Eggs to Eat this Easter

It’s Easter – and what better way to celebrate than by eating an insane amount of chocolate eggs? Amazing as that sounds, most commercial Easter eggs are not eco-friendly, sustainable or fair trade – not to mention, wrapped in tons of wasteful materials like foil or plastic.

However, a group of 29 environmental and social justice groups have come up with an annual ‘Chocolate Scorecard’ that rates chocolate brands according to their different ‘eggs’, with metrics including ‘Traceability & Transparency,’ ‘Deforestation and Climate’ and ‘Child Labour’. Each year, the chocolate brands with the best overall performance are labeled ‘Good Eggs’, while companies with less than satisfactory performance are given the label of ‘Rotten Eggs’.


The 2022 Chocolate Scorecard published last week awarded the Good Egg award to ‘Beyond Good’ chocolate, while the ‘Rotten Eggs’ included Storck, Werther’s Originals, Merci and Toffifay.

The Good Eggs for Easter

Beyond Good

Source: @eatbeyondgood on Instagram

Beyond Good prides itself on its track record of having zero middlemen between farmers and chocolate factories and sourcing the best quality vanilla and cocoa directly from farmers in Madagascar and Uganda. We love that they used ‘lemurs’ as part of their packaging, reminding consumers that endangered lemur species live safely within their supply chain.

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Alter Eco

Alter Eco Foods
Source: Alter Eco Foods / Facebook

Alter Eco truly lives up to its name as an alternative eco-chocolate. Their chocolate is climate neutral – the brand offsets their footprint through tree planting and forest restoration and have set their sights on becoming climate positive in the near future. Alter Eco also pioneered the first commercially compostable candy wrapper for their chocolate truffle in 2013! If you want some ideas to become a better Climatarian, we recommend checking out their ‘Climatarian Journal’.

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Tony’s Chocolonely

Tony’s mission is to make chocolate that is 100% slave-free, and their signature bars are divided unequally to remind consumers about the need to fix our unequal supply chains. The brand launched Tony’s Open Chain, an industry initiative that aims to help chocolate brands end slavery in their supply chains. Their ‘Egg-stra’ Special Chocolate pouch are filled with mini eggs, enough to make your Easter eggs-tremely special!

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Source: Whittaker’s

Hailing from New Zealand, Whittaker’s is loved for their chunky and dense bars of chocolate. The brand sources locally, building relationships with artisan producers of chocolate, milk and honey  across New Zealand. Their 2025 goal is ensure 100% of their cocoa beans are traceable from farm to factory.

Whittaker’s may not have Easter eggs, but you can make your own using their special recipe.

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Hong Kong’s Good Egg: Conspiracy Chocolate

Salt & Caramel
Source: Conspiracy Chocolate – Salt & Caramel

Created in Hong Kong, the founders of Conspiracy Chocolate produce chocolate from bean-to-bar in their Wong Chuk Hang kitchen. Founders Amit and Celine make an effort to implement sustainability in every step – from sourcing cocoa beans regionally in Asia to reduce transport emissions, to producing in small batches to reduce waste.

Source: Conspiracy Chocolate – EASTER EGG SERIES

If you’re an adventurous chocolate lover, you’ll be amused by their flavours, which range from classic Salt & Caramel to spicy Sichuan Pepper. If you want to support local this Easter, their six-pack Easter egg series is the way to go!

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