10 Green Takeout & Delivery Options in Hong Kong

Starting the year with another round of city-wide social distancing measures is probably not how many of us would have liked 2022 to begin. On the bright side though, the latest lockdown gives us more time to reflect on our resolutions and goals for 2022, including how to become more sustainable.

Staying active and eating healthy is essential to keeping your immunity high and your lockdown blues at bay, so we’ve put together a list of clean and green takeaway options in Hong Kong to turn to when you don’t feel like cooking. 

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1. SpiceBox Organics 

SpiceBox Organics is a USDA certified organic cafe, food shop and food caterer, and their organic breakfast sets and gluten-free desserts are ideal for those wanting to eat clean during this period. SpiceBox also stocks over 1,000 types of organic products on its e-commerce platform, from spices and seeds to oils and nut butters.

Available on Food Panda and Deliveroo 

2. Veda 

True to its mission, VEDA celebrates Mother Earth through flavourful, Indian inspired vegetable dishes. Their plant-based menu evolves with the seasons, demonstrating the versatility of the ‘complex yet natural world of vegetables’. Their Aloo Gobi is a crowd favourite – an ideal, warm dish for colder January days. 

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3. Miss Lee

Combining Asian and Western cooking techniques, Miss Lee serves plant-based versions of popular Hong Kong and Chinese dishes such as Mapo Eggplant & Bean Curd and Golden Cauliflower (a vegetarian version of the popular Golden Shrimp.) You’ll also find delectable fusion dishes such as Watercress Gnocchi and Yam & Sweet Potato fries on the menu.

Available on Deliveroo and Food Panda

4. Veggie Kingdom

Veggie Kingdom is a well-loved place for vegans and vegetarians looking for dim sum. Their interpretation of Hong Kongers’ favourite ‘Char Siu’ is famously succulent and tender. They’ve even won a gold medal for their fluffy steamed taro buns, so you know they’re legit.

Available on Food Panda 

5. Ahimsa Buffet

Ahimsa offers delicious Cantonese staple dishes in generous quantities, with options for individual or sharing portions. From Sweet & Sour Vegetarian Pork to dry fried string beans, their dishes have a heartiness to it that comes with a taste of home. If you have a chance in the future, be sure to experience the Ahimsa buffet as well! 

Available on Deliveroo

6. Treehouse

Whether you go for Treehouse’s signature flats, salads or pizzas, or create your own, their organic and freshly made toppings never fail to disappoint. The completely unprocessed and whole food menu also makes life easy if you want to use this period to cut down on processed foods. We also love that you can opt to add HK$50-60 with your meal to plant a tree! 

Available on Food Panda and Deliveroo 

7. MANA!

A staple spot for a flat or salad bowl, MANA! is another cafe that places the environment at its core. With ‘Diet Change, Not Climate Change’ as its slogan, MANA! Uses food to inspire the community to reduce our environmental impact. In our opinion, MANA! Serves some of the best tempeh and tahini dressing in all of Hong Kong. 

Available on Food Panda 

8. Emmer

Inspired by an ancient grain of the same name, Emmer uses only carefully sourced grains that are lower in gluten and higher in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals than your average slice. Apart from pizzas, they also offer hearty house salads and some sweet treats.

Available on Deliveroo and Food Panda

9. Big Dill

If you’re looking for some ‘dirty’ vegan food, Big Dill is one of your best bets. Big Dill’s burgers are filled with their house-made ‘meats’ that are as juicy and tender as any traditional burger. If you’re feeling indulgent, pair your burger with their ‘thiccshakes’, available in three flavours including ‘Vanilla Cornflake, Coconut Raspberry’ and ‘Chocolate Peanut Butter’. 

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10. Beef & Liberty

Though Beef & Liberty might not sound like a place for vegans or vegetarians, their sustainable sister brand ‘Leaves & Liberty’ offers a variety of green options. Their Falafel Burger and Sweet Potato Fries are a must-try. If you want to go light on carbs, you can also opt to swap your bun with a tender leaf salad instead! 

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